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About the Program

Nowadays, the Internet permeates every aspect of our daily life, allowing people to access information and services online, and interact with each other anytime anywhere. Making websites and mobile applications accessible not only facilitates everyone including disability groups, but also helps facilitating business development and building an inclusive society.

MYNIC Digital Adopters Award is one of MYNIC’s initiatives to encourage local enterprises and organisations to adopt accessibility design in their websites and mobile applications. This initiative is to effectively promote the adoption of accessibility design in websites and mobile applications by enterprises and organisations to the public. With more accessible websites and software become available, we believe people with disabilities can participate equally in society and make substantial contributions to the internet community, economy as well as the social development


Recognition for the Most Accessible and Outstanding Website

MYNIC would like to recognize and reward websites that has adopted web accessibility specifications in their respective industries. We applaud the efforts of these organizations to make their web presence accessible to people living with disabilities and are proud to announce their achievement.


Building a caring and inclusive society under #MYNICCARES initiative

MYNIC as an agency under Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative called #MYNICCARES, will reach out and educate the public in extending their digital inclusivity for all regardless of background or socio-economic status.


Accelerating Digital Adoption

To encourage Malaysian Websites to comply to the international standard on Web Accessibility to make the Web accessible to people with disabilities. Web accessible provide equal access and equal opportunity that will contribute for an active participation in society.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Website must be accessible and usable by public

  2. Website must be accessible through web browser such Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

  3. Submitted websites must be written in English or Malay language. 

  4. Website must use any .MY extension domain name such .my,,,,,,,  and 

  5. Domain name must be valid and active at least 8 months after the date of submission. 

  6. One domain name can register for only one category. If the domain name can be in any category, the nominee must choose for one category only.